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A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a legal entity formed under Delaware trust law that may be structured to qualify as eligible “like-kind” replacement property for the purposes of 1031 Exchanges.

DSTs permit eligible investors to become proportional owners of professionally-managed, institutional-quality real estate projects alongside other accredited investors. As such, DSTs permit Exchangers the potential of achieving the tax benefits of 1031s when exchanged into a passively-owned, turnkey investment property.


A 1031 Like-Kind Exchange allows an investor or business owner to sell an investment property and replace it with another property (passive or active ownership) of equal or greater value within a time frame of 180 days from the date of close using a qualified intermediary. If all the criteria are met the investor can defer taxes on up to 100% of capital gains created from the sale of the original property. Some form of 1031 Like-Kind exchanges has been around since 1921.


The path toward successful 1031 exchanges includes incorporating and understanding several key steps: 


  • Consult early on with 1031-familiar real estate professionals to help with your sale and finding replacement property/properties. ​

  • ​Engage an experienced Qualified Intermediary (we can make a referral) to handle the transaction. ​

  • Confirm the Qualified Intermediary can securely protect your exchange proceeds during the period between your exchange sale and replacement property purchase.

  • Align with professionals specializing in the DST marketplace who have ready access to a selection of pre-screened DSTs vetted by a thorough due-diligence process. ​

  • Expect strong coordination and frequent updates from your 1031 exchange team.

  • Start searching for Replacement Property as early as your schedule allows to avoid rushes and deadline crunches.

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